GlasWeld 2013 Product Catalog

GlasWeld Catalog 2013.jpg Check out our comprehensive 2013 Product Catalog including all of our signature products from windshield repair to glass scratch removal and headlight restoration.

When it comes to glass repair and restoration... we are your one-stop source.

Gclear Headlight Restoration Kit

GlasWeld Gforce

GlasWeld G3fusion

GlasWeld ecoVac

Windshield Repair Curing Lamps



Cure windshield repairs in 60 seconds flat!

GlasWeld's ProCur™ Windshield Repair Curing Lamp will save you five minutes on every you more time in your day and putting more in your wallet.

The 360º ProCur™ windshield repair curing lamp was engineered to cure windshield repairs... fast! The ProCur was designed to fit snugly over all of our windshield repair injectors in order to cure resin while under pressure, while activating the resin's photo initiators from every angle, simultaneously.


ecoVac_stainless_ProCur Side1_white.jpgThe ProCur™ UV curing lamp:

  • Emits an intense 360 degree ultraviolet wave pattern at just the right frequency to cure the resin completely
  • Cures the repair in 60 seconds, which reduces resin shrinkage
  • Produces stronger, better-looking repairs
  • Saves up to five minutes per repair: which adds up to a savings of more than one hour per day for the average technician



The ProCur™ Windshield Repair Curing Lamp



Proper and complete curing of the resin is of vital importance for a windshield repair. The resin needs to be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, at a particular wavelength, at a high enough intensity, for a long enough time, to ensure complete cross-linking of the polymer (complete curing of the resin).

For more information on all of our windshield repair curing lamps and other supplies, contact us or call our Customer Service team at 866-735-2787.